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seis de mayo!

Today marks two years of blogging on menga dot net. The first post with MT was on May 6th 2004. I say "with MT" because I was actually blogging with other software before the 6th, but no one cares about that. 🙂

Even though this site moved locations a few times (and changed its look more times than I can remember), it always came back here and that is where it will stay, warts and all.

In other news.. after several requests (read: pestering) by friends to get a MySpace page, I finally got one. I know I've said a few choice words about MS in the past, like it's the ass end of the internet, or better yet the puss filled boil on the ass of the internet, or how MS users like to hog bandwidth, but what can I say.. I guess I'm now part of that crapola. As SA says, the internet makes you stupid.

My MS page will in no way, shape or form replace this site. Not a chance in hell, because there's no guarantee MS will be there tomorrow - but this site will.


Yeah a link would be nice, wouldn't it? Heh.

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