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self-homogenizing cow

On right is possibly one of the funniest graphics I've ever seen on the internet. Found it on Kat's blog. She just turned 29. I have some stuff in the mail to send her as a late b-day present that I hope she'll like. Happy 29th by the way, Kat. You old fart. 😀


Once again I will be heading to Universal Orlando. This will occur at the tail end of this week. I'll be taking my sister. Turns out she's visiting at the right time because Universal is having a special where the self-parking is free and a park ticket is half off up until May 6th. This is especially cool because I'm footing the bill.


A memory from high school:

For my freshman and sophomore year I was enrolled in a Catholic Preparatory high school before transferring to a public one for my junior and senior year. No, I didn't get kicked out. It was my decision. But I digress.

During lunch, someone sat down at the table that close milk as his drink.

"How good is the milk?"

"It's excellent."

"Should be for what is paid to get into this place."

"Didn't you know? This place has a self-homogenizing cow."


"It's in the back. We can't see it."


To this day I still think "self-homogenizing cow" is one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

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