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seventy-seven cents

I bought yet another domain today. Menga dot info. Why? Because Dotster has a promotion going on right now where you can purchase any dot-info that's available for seventy-seven cents. I'm serious. Just use the coupon code 77info and it'll go from $2.99 (which is already dirt cheap) to 77ยข. So if you ever wanted a true dot-whatever, the dot-info is the next best thing to free.

I have a placeholder page there right now.. and to be honest I have no clue what to put there. Maybe I'll just redirect it to this site later. I dunno.

Yesterday I ventured out into St. Petersburg to locate the Mahaffey Theater, where I will be seeing the Florida Orchestra play The Lord of the Rings score. Should be quite cool. Will I be allowed to take photos of this? NO. Stupid theater won't allow it. Bah. But it'll still be fun to go to. I'll be going Wednesday night.

My updated City Navigator NT DVD for my Garmin StreetPilot is at the post office. I'll be picking that up tomorrow, and hopefully be able to update my c340 without any issue. Version 7 is old hat now, and there's been a ton of updates in version 8. I'm crossing fingers that the update goes thru without a hitch.

Aaaand just because some people find this interesting.. Bob is still doing well. He is happy and active as usual.

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