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shown by example

Above: This is what I was talking about concerning those bad parking lot designs. Note the arrows painted on the ground and the lack of space between rows.

Anyhoo.. 🙂

Today's big event (but not really) was going to Riverview Florida for business purposes.

A single phrase can describe that town: Cookie cutter.

Now for a better explanation (grin):

In New England, the types of dwellings you can live in are regular houses, trailers, apartments and condominiums.

In Florida, you've got all that too - but with a twist. There are also "communities". No, I'm not talking about retirement communities. I'm talking about those billed as "active adult lifestyle" thing-a-ma-doo's. It is suburbia incarnate; the same kind that you think only exist in the movies.

Yes, the houses are lovely. No doubt about that. Very nice looking and very "stately" I guess you could say. But very boring. Homes in these types of communities do not have any "personality". They all look the same and are on equal sized lots.

(Note: I should have snapped a photo of it but forgot to. When I head out to Riverview again I will definitely do so.)

Cookie cutter community houses are so common that you hear advertisements on the radio for new homes that don't conform to that spec, believe it or not.

Again, I will say, these houses are gorgeous. They're all big, modern, and priced relatively nicely.

But that house-house-house-house suburbia thing.. eesh. 🙂

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