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Spirit of Putnam

I had to go pay for my tax return today. 110 bucks. Not bad. I say "not bad" because it used to be $125 or more when I was working out of state. When working in state, you save a few bucks on processing your tax return.

My tax people are located in the heart of Putnam Connecticut. Their business is in an office located in the Ward building. "Ward" is short for "Montgomery Ward", which is a business, started by a guy named Monty Ward (I put in the "Monty" part). I don't believe Ward owns the buildling anymore, but the name stuck. Or maybe Ward does own it.. I don't know.

The Ward buildling is dead set right in the middle of the part of Putnam known as the "Antique District". Today happened to be a nice day, so I parked in my usual spot and walked over to the Ward buildling to pay the bill. During my walk I looked around.


Why wow? This place sure has changed for the better in the last 15 years. Buildings have been renovated, business is bustling, and dare I say.. the area has a bit of Bostonesque feel to it.

"Not bad for a mill town."

Not bad at all.

"Should've brought the camera.."

I will be taking pics tomorrow. The area is definitely worth looking at.

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