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squeaker, squeak squeakin'

The title of this post is a quote from the funniest Disney animated film ever made, period (quicktime trailer).

My 2005 GMC Canyon is in the shop today because the front brake pads started squealing just a lil' bit. Even though there isn't even 27,000 miles on it yet, I thought it best to have it looked at regardless.

I also brought the truck in to investigate an extremely annoying frame squeak. I cannot describe the sound in words. It sounds like a metal-rubbing-metal noise somewhere underneath the body of the truck and I have no idea where it's coming from. I'm hoping they'll be able to find the squeak, grease it and be done with it.

Concerning my Pop's truck (2000 GMC Sonoma), the Yokohama Geolander AT+II's that are on outfitted on it are making a racket. Should anyone read this that knows anything about tires, it is common knowledge that the Yoko's make noise after a while. It's a great tire, no doubt about it. Great in snow, great on dry, but noisy after around 25,000 miles. And man are they noisy. I've been trying to convince him to get a new set but he refuses to do so. All I can say about that is that it's a good thing he has AAA. He may need it if one of them pops on the road. I don't expect them to, but you never know...

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