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Three cute girls wished me a happy St. Valentine's Day. Sandra from Germany, Charmaine from Hong Kong and Barbara from the good ol' USA. My love reaches all over the world, what can I say. 😉 I wished all of them a happy St. V's back, of course.

One of the old domains used years ago used for a local Counter-Strike team in Connecticut was up for grabs so I registered it for myself. It'll be interesting to see if anyone goes there. Probably not. But what the hell, I registered it anyway.

Today is the sixth day of the "five to seven business days" for my refund to get processed for my iMac I sent back. Of course, they didn't bother to start the process.. so it was a good thing I called. Now the process has actually started. I expect to see the refund in full before Monday of next week. If not, well.. they'll be hearing from me.

The video of me playing guitar was downloaded a lot more times than I expected it to be. Without realizing it, that was the first time I've posted video of me actually playing a guitar. It was cool that so many people checked it out. Maybe I'll post another "mini-jam" of me playing the Schecter C-1 Classic. Speaking of which, I really should get that release I talked about earlier finished.

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