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The Menga stronghold, better known as my apartment, has been cleaned.

I remember saying to myself some time ago that if I ever had a place of my own, it would always be spotless.

Um, yeah. Right. 🙂

I'm human like everyone else and my apartment gets cluttered from time to time. It happens. My clutter these days compared to days of old is minimal.


There were two things I wanted to get done that totally did not get done as of yet. a) Finish some client work for a friend, b) Get my own biz site completed.

The reason both of those things didn't get done is because they involved programming, and I simply haven't felt like being a programmer lately. In fact, I haven't been feeling like being a programmer for the past few days, hence the reason I haven't been blogging as much as I normally do.

That being said, I'm heading up with a friend to GameWorks. I intend on happily wasting cash playing many arcade games.


The parts for my new computer will be arriving sometime next week. Possibly Monday or Tuesday.

The only, repeat, only reason I'm building a new box is because I need to edit and render video more quickly. Otherwise it's not necessary.

I wholly admit that I find joy in doing things "old school" with computers. This is the reason I use things like Launchy and still run things via command line in Windows XP.

This is also the reason I'd love to run a BBS again. Oh, yeah. Total geekery there. I'm not ashamed to admit that.


It will be cool that my new box is going to be modern, meaning it'll be fast, meaning I won't have to worry about hard drive space for a while, meaning I can actually buy games without looking at the box to see if I meet "minimum system requirements" or not.

Methinks the first thing I'll do as a test is play Half Life 2. 🙂 I never did finish that game.

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