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Switched to Yahoo! Mail

This is going to come as a bit of a shock to some, but I've decided to switch to Yahoo! Mail.

Don't worry, I can still be contacted at my old address, so you won't have to update your address book or anything like that.

Why did I switch from Thunderbird 2/POP?

It's become obvious to me that local mail, while the most secure, is just too inconvenient. There isn't any easy way to backup a local-to-your-computer account. It does require an external storage medium and you have to have some way of automating it. In other words, backing up a local account automatically is a pain in the ass.

In addition, Thunderbird 2 is old. It's not obsolete yet, but is getting there quickly. Yes, I did look at Thunderbird 3. It's terrible. TB2 was the last truly good free email client. The only other worth having is Microsoft Outlook, and I'm not about to go and pay for that software just for mail.

Why Y! Mail?

Am I happy with Y! Mail? Is this a permanent change?

So far I'm very happy with Y! Mail. It does what it's supposed to do without complaint and doesn't miss anything. I have had to "not spam" a few emails to train the filter, but other than that it's been all smooth sailing.

When it comes to mail I consider nothing as a permanent solution, however there is one big perk in Y! Mail's favor - it's the only webmail I've ever used that hasn't screwed me over. In all the years I've been using email, Y! at no point has done any weird/wacky thing where I lost mail, couldn't access it or whatever. I can't say that for other webmail providers, but can for Y! Mail.

If Y! Mail continues to work as it should, I'll be sticking with them for a good long while.


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