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tampa thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales

Earlier today I ventured into a Tampa thrift store for the first time since living here. I had no real reason to go other than just to satisfy my curiosity. I went to this one based on reviews that the place was decent as far as thrift stores go. When walking around I didn't see anything that particularly interested me other than the furniture. And from that I didn't see anything I really wanted. I left empty-handed, but wasn't sad about it because I wanted to see what it was all about. Thrift stores are more or less everywhere in my particular part of Tampa and I'll be visiting some more in the future.

I learned of a absolutely humongous flea market that's just a scant 5 miles away from me, Big Top Flea Market. 36 acres. Big. Held every Saturday and Sunday, all year. Can't believe I didn't learn about this sooner. I plan on going tomorrow. The parking is free and I'm assuming the admission is also. The funny thing is that if you think 36 acres is big, the one my father goes to is 50 acres large. Frappin' huge. It's a spectacle to be sure.

Lastly I've been banging around the idea of checking out an estate sale. These can be found here, and if you don't know what they are, an estate sale is when everything in a house is put up for sale so it can be put on the market afterwards. These sales usually last for 3 days and are open to the public. What you find at these obviously depends on what the soon-to-be previous owners are willing to get rid of. You usually find everything from washer/dryer sets to televisions and sometimes cars. And of course the smaller stuff as well.

Maybe someday I'll meet the right girl who's into these things like I am. But for now I'm doing this all solo. If I stay in my apartment too long I get cabin fever something fierce. 🙂

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