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The 10 most overplayed rock bands of all time

There are certain commercially successful bands so overplayed that it should be no wonder why people hate them so much.

Every single one of these bands were at their peak close to or more than 20 years ago. And for most of these acts, if you tune into any classic rock station, rock and roll evidently stopped after 1989 according to them.

10. U2

U2 only released one truly good album called The Joshua Tree. Everything they've released since then has sucked. The music from U2 is actually really good, however it's the bands who try to play them that are terrible. The only people who can play U2 are U2, period. You're not Bono and you never will be, so don't even try.


With KISS, either you love them or hate them and there is no in between. It is absolutely true that most of their music completely sucks. Why? Because if you take away the makeup, the stage show and the comic book style characters they portray and solely concentrate on the music, you'll quickly realize it's all terrible. Even for arguably their best-sounding album, Rock and Roll Over, it's still nothing but a big pile of boring.

KISS, amazingly, still plays to this day but they are nothing more than a bunch of near-60-year-old guys that purposely play all their songs slow, can't hold notes anymore and are nothing but a shadow of what they used to be. The Gene & Paul show seriously needs to retire. Now. Also, let's not forget the constant whining by KISS fans complaining about the fact Peter and Ace aren't in the band anymore. NOBODY GIVES A CRAP.

Radio to this day hates KISS, so you won't hear them often on that medium (if at all), but KISS fans are like a rash that won't go away. Evidently they truly enjoy seeing a bunch of wrinkly 60-year-olds in leather and spandex perform ((shudder)).

8. AC/DC

Were it not for the game Guitar Hero, kids today would have no clue who AC/DC is. Like U2, AC/DC has not released anything good in decades.

Almost every AC/DC song sounds exactly the same. If you've listed to one AC/DC song, you've heard them all. Whether it's The Razor's Edge, Back in Black or anything else they've ever released, it all sounds the same. However it is the repetitive nature of the band that keeps bringing fans back, because heck, at least they're predictable - even though their library is mind-numbingly irritating.

7. Black Sabbath

To this day, most little rockers will learn Paranoid as the first song they play on the electric guitar. And of course they'll get it wrong even though it's only three chords.

'Sabbath enjoyed some resurgence in popularity in the UK due to Tony Iommi being a guitar teacher of sorts on some TV program called Rock School (video), but that still doesn't take away from the fact Black Sabbath is really old and overplayed so much that it pains me to even hear a 'Sabbath tune these days. Fortunately, the band does have a large library of songs so you can hear other works that isn't in the overplayed department. An example is the album Never Say Die!, the last original-era Black Sabbath album.

6. Ozzy Osbourne

Yes, I know Ozzy was in 'Sabbath, but as a soloist he has high recognition as well amongst metalheads. As such, he is overplayed to no end. The song he is most known for is Crazy Train.

It was television that made Ozzy as a household name with television show The Osbournes, and thus brought his music back into the limelight.. unfortunately. Before that it at least had a small chance of bowing out gracefully, but that was all shot to crap. Now it's just kitschy.

Everybody, including Ozzy himself, is amazed he's still alive. The man himself has said, "I'm living on borrowed time."

5. Van Halen

The best album VH ever released was 1984. It was fun, simple and catchy, therefore it was overplayed to death. VH today is nothing but a guitar nerd's band. And as everybody knows, a band that is revered by nothing but guitar nerds holds no popularity with anybody else. Bar bands play VH a lot, and whenever they do all the GUYS like it, but the girls couldn't give a crap less. The ones that do are either girlfriends or wives of the band members.

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Without fail you will always see guys with gray hair (or no hair) at county fairs wearing Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirts. The fan base for this band is getting older and older, and it shows. In addition, the NINE MINUTE LONG Freebird song is only played on FM radio when DJs have to take a bathroom break.

'Skynyrd holds three distinct honors, if you will. First, they have one of the most difficult band names to spell, thoroughly confusing the crap out of everybody. Second, Freebird is the biggest redneck anthem and nothing has ever topped it. Third, they are the second most overplayed band on all classic FM rock stations.

3. Metallica

These guys peaked in 1991 with the release of their self-titled album, commonly referred to as The Black Album, which is a direct rip-off from This is Spinal Tap. It is at that point the band, according to their fervent fans, "completely sold out." Whether they did or didn't is up for debate, but it is true that everything they've released since then has been absolute garbage.

This is yet another band that was "saved" by Guitar Hero. Without it they would have hung up their hats years ago.

Oh, and let's not forget that the entire internet hates Metallica because of their whiny Napster lawsuit nonsense not-so long ago. This is still fresh in the mind of many because it was such a seriously stupid maneuver.

2. Led Zeppelin

The hate for this band started decades ago with their EIGHT MINUTE LONG ballad(ish) song, Stairway to Heaven. Like with Freebird, Stairway to Heaven is only played by DJs that need a bathroom break.

I remember certain music instrument retailer stores having signs that said "NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" because every single guitar player would sit down and play this craptastic tune.

The rest of Zep's tunes are for guitar nerds, much like Van Halen is. Nobody outside of the guitar nerd realm gives a crap about Zep anymore.

1. Pink Floyd

This is the most overplayed act, ever. Every single classic rock FM station in America overplays 'Floyd. Every crappy bar band plays 'Floyd. There are times when you literally cannot escape Pink Floyd.

I hate the band so much now that whenever I hear a song from them I immediately change the station or turn the radio off until the song is over. If I never hear Wish You Were Here or Another Brick in the Wall again, that would be GREAT.


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