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The big 3-0

This March, on the 27th to be exact, I will be turning 30. As I've been saying since I was 16 years old, I can't wait to turn 30 (for real), so I've had this belief for a long time. Reason: I was never the "cool" guy, so being 30 gives me even a bigger excuse not to be cool. (grin)

Now that time time is drawing near, I started thinking about it. Am I afraid of turning 30? Nope. Not in the slightest. I still have my health, my hair (no grays) and I certainly don't look like I will be 30. My life is at present in good standing. Granted, I want a lot - but all good things will come in due time, with some sooner, some later.

One thing is for certain, most of the people I know have changed radically since their twenties. A lot of them have back problems, health problems (all of them are on medication), no money, dead-end jobs and a bit of a zombie-like persona most of the time... sort of like the "Where did I go wrong?" kind of attitude thing. It's just plain weird. I'm very glad I didn't fall into that.

As far as my life in my thirties is concerned, I'm just getting started. I'm finding that as I get older and wiser, my opportunities are increasing in a lot of respects. Personally, fiscally and so on, they're all increasing in a positive way. Some people say "If I only knew then what I know now..." I can say I do know now what I must do - and have the knowledge to do things wisely.

Twenty-nine seemed to be my age of reckoning. During this year I have taken many steps to better myself. There are some things I still need to take care of and I'm actively attending to them as best I can. When the 3-0 hits, I'll be ready for it.

I've been ready for it. (grin)

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