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the facebook privacy scare did in fact have an effect

Even though Facebook's privacy policies are about as strong as a wet napkin, I did not delete my account. Instead, as I mentioned before, I shelled it. The only reason I did this is just in case anyone wants to contact through that medium.

After not logging into FB for close to a week (I had no reason to after shelling my profile), I logged in to see what people were blabbing about.

I noticed something interesting.

People were a lot less forthcoming with what they wrote. The conversation on the walls there is so generic now you could replace every word with X and it would read exactly the same way.

This says to me that people simply don't trust the system; they're all too afraid to write anything too personal for fear the information might be leaked out somewhere.

The glory days of Facebook, if there ever were any, are officially over.

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