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The Inspiron is spreading...

About a week after I bought my new laptop my sister's computer over where she is in college died. Kaput. I told her about the new laptop I bought and she wanted one also. I got her the same model as mine (Dell Inspiron 6000) except that I cut a few things here and there to save on cost, like putting Windows XP Home on it instead of Pro and a few other things.

Yesterday I got the unit from UPS. Works great. I put all the apps I needed to on there for her, including the ones she requested (like MSN Messenger and AOL messenger) and it's ready to go.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is actually shipping this thing. Even though my sister is paying for the shipping, it's going to be about 175 bucks!!! Damn!! It costs that much because she's in St. Kitts..
DAMN is that expensive. Were I to ship it local it would be under 15.

Sometimes I take for granted that we have things really good in the U.S., including our shipping. When shipping out of the country, it's a big wake-up call. Big. (grin)

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