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the most important meal of the day

Note before starting this one: I'm pretty sure this is a Tampa-only thing, because up north, stuff like this would never happen (unless at a Dunkin' Donuts - more on that in a moment).

Tampa - 5:45am

I run an errand this morning to pick up some Memorex DVD+R discs. Previously I had decided to save a buck and buy Maxell's. Not a good choice. They're just as bad as Sony discs. This time I bought the ones that I know work correctly.

Tampa - 6:00am - Busch Blvd.

I decide to stop for breakfast at Burger King. The sign on the door says they open at 5:30am. So I walk right in.

Once inside, I see two guys scrambling around. No food is prepared. One of the employees tells me they'll be ready in five minutes. I told him it was okay, it wasn't that important, and I left.

Bear in mind they were supposed to be ready at 5:30am.

Tampa - 6:07am - a short way from where I was.

I stop at McDonald's for breakfast. Once again, I park. I read the sign on the door. It says they open (both drive-thru and dining room) at 5:30am. I attempt to walk in. Locked. The people behind the counter don't even bother to come open up the door.

Not dismayed, I decided to get back in my truck and pull around to the drive-thru. I see a few people in front of me angrily speed thru there.

They weren't ready either and no orders were being taken.

Once again, bear in mind they were also supposed to be ready at 5:30am.

Tampa - 6:15am - a little further down the road.

I stop at 7-Eleven. I walk right in. There's a small heating case full of breakfast food ready to go. I pick up a hot breakfast sandwich, go to the counter, pay, and leave.

To note, I got twice as much food for half the price I would have paid at the two other places.

Also note, 7-Eleven was ready.

Also also note, the food is better.

Also also also note, the coffee is better.

I don't know why I even bother stopping at the McD's or BK in the first place.

The sad thing is that I'm used to it.

And oh, I mentioned the Dunkin' Donuts thing. No matter where you are, the service sucks. The only thing ready is the coffee - usually. Any D.D. with a drive-thru is a joke, so I always go inside. I always seem to encounter the guy or girl who can't speak English and it's their first day on the job.

To my New Englander friends: Most D.D.'s here are not 24/7 places. They close at 7pm. Weird, eh? And while you can find one anywhere in New England - you've gotta travel far and wide to find one down here.

Yeah, I know. Doesn't make sense to me either.

Floridians just don't take their coffee seriously like New Englanders do. I mean, it's just.. mandatory for us. For many, no coffee = bad day.

This is why I make my own. It's always at the ready in just a few minutes. 🙂


Something that sorta/kinda has to do with the above:

I am seriously considering getting all the store numbers for the establishments that tick me off, then send each of their respective corporate home offices a letter.

Believe me, I've got plenty of ammo ready to fire off at these guys.

But I honestly wonder if it would make any difference. Maybe?

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