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The new YouTube design is GOOD... mostly

Ordinarily whenever I talk about Google, I'm pretty harsh about it because there are times when they mess up anything they touch. But not this time.

YouTube just rolled out a new design, and this is the first redesign since the original that I actually like and agree with. But before I get into that, here are my immediate complaints (yeah, you knew I had a few):

  1. The YouTube inbox is ridiculously difficult to get to. You know, that place where you check your YouTube inbox for new comments? There's no obvious place to get to this from anywhere. Fortunately, I learned a workaround. Login to your YouTube account, then type in your address bar, and ta-da, there's the inbox. Stupid workaround, but works.
  2. The fact Google+ and YouTube settings are different and separated is stupid. I recently decided to reactivate my G+ page. And of course even if you go all-in with G+ and connect it up to YouTube, the systems are still totally separate. Dumb. It should all be centralized.

    Here's what I'm talking about when you click your profile image after logged in to YouTube:


    I mean, c'mon.. This is too much crap to deal with. I can deal with it, but I'm sure most others would get totally confused.

  3. Notifications are not the same as the YouTube inbox. You'd expect the number box at top to be YouTube notifications. Nope. It's G+ notifications:


    Again, stupid. And totally confusing.

Okay, now to the good stuff.

No more stupid red bar for "dislikes"

I was very happy to see this:


Dislikes are now shown as light gray and not bright red. Psychologically, this is a lot easier to deal with from a content creator's point of view. Very nice touch. I really like this.

Avatars are awesome

Whether connected with G+ or just using your YouTube profile image, your avatar shows up in comments now:


Very cool. I like that.

Faster scripting

I can't show this in a screenshot, but when you go to share out a video now, things run a lot quicker. The scripting used to be choppy and slow, but now it's speeded up quite a bit. Very good.

Better design like the old days

YouTube originally used a ton of white space and it was clean and easy. Then Google messed it all up and darkened everything. But now the design has somewhat reverted back to using clean white space.


I'm digging this look and like it a lot.

In short, I like the new YouTube; this is something I've never been able to say before. Good job, Google.

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