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the poop for april 28 '08


Yesterday a rather large grasshopper (or locust, not sure) got into my apartment. After chasing it around it crawled into one of my duffle bags. I zipped up the bag, took it outside, unzipped it, he popped out and went on his way. Hopefully he'll tell his friends not to enter my stronghold any longer.

I'm fairly sure it was a grasshopper. It flew once and when it did it was a re-e-e-eally slow flyer and barely made a sound. Locusts make a bit of a racket when flying and move and a pretty good clip.

bugs part ii

I have a small patio area with a fence around it. While outside yesterday I noticed a small bee's nest (about the size of a golf ball) underneath one of the pillars where it connects at the top. Actually it could have been a hornet's or wasp's nest.. maybe yellowjackets? Not too sure. I don't think they're wasps because these insects are very light colored and golden-ish in appearance. And if they were hornets they're the smallest ones I've ever seen. I think they're hornets. Whatever.

So anyway, like a fool I grabbed a pole, whacked the nest (completely knocking it off the fence) then ran inside my apartment. I didn't get stung by any hornets but I'm sure they were a might bit ticked off as I just wrecked their house.

If they decide to rebuild I'll call maintenance for my apartment complex and have the area cleaned and sprayed.

garmin streetpilot c340 receives major(?) update

Once every few weeks I plug in my backup GPS receiver (StreetPilot c340) and run the WebUpdater to keep the software/firmware up-to-date. This time around it jumped from v4.40 to v5.80. Yep. Big jump.

Here's where it gets a bit interesting (and a bit amusing):

The "upgrade" from v4.40 to v5.70 means absolutely nothing. Garmin just decided to change the version number. I'm not kidding.

From v5.70 to v5.80 it's stated that there is "enhanced retail map support". Don't have a clue what that means? Neither do I. But I guess it was important. The unit still runs like it should, so no complaints.

mouthing off

Next week I will be going to the dentist. This will be the first time I've set foot inside a dentist's office in several years. I'm not looking forward to it, but.. well.. it has to be done. Recently I've been getting some pain in the back of my mouth. It's not bad but it could be, so.. yeah, best to take care of it earlier than later.

To be honest I really can't afford it, but it's like the old saying goes: If you don't have your health, you don't have anything. Absolutely nothing in life is good if you're hurting. Right now I'm not hurting and I want to make sure I stay not hurting. 🙂

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