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this makes me feel old but at the same time not really

The video above is what happens when you show children vintage technology that's no longer in wide use.

If you have no idea what the yellow box was, don't feel bad because I didn't either. It's an 8-track player. The only reason I know this is because I looked up the comments on the YouTube video to find out. The plunger on top is to change tracks while the cassette is playing. And that HP thing? Yes, it is a computer mouse.

And another thing - the only reason I know 8-track players at all is because my father had a few old (yes, old back then) of those 8-track cassettes lying around the house. I found them, asked how they were played and he showed me how an 8-track player worked. I barely experienced vinyl records as a kid because in the 1980s the audiocassette (which we all called "tapes") was the thing everyone had. Compact discs obviously followed that a few years later.

The most interesting part of the video is when the kids were shown the rotary phone. They instantly knew it was a phone the moment they saw it. That was the one piece of technology I thought for sure they wouldn't recognize, but in fact was the most recognized. I'm guessing this is because of the number/letter combinations on the dial which are still universal to this day on all modern keypads.

At first I felt old when watching the video, but then not really. Certain stuff I have fond memories of while for others I say "Yeah, I'm glad we don't use that crap anymore" because owning it is one thing and using it is a completely different story.

There is nothing in the video that I'd actually want to own personally, even for nostalgia's sake. The only one I'd consider getting is the Game Boy; they're cheap and readily available. A lot of people in my age group would love to have one of those - until you actually play one. The non-backlit screen on that thing is tiny (2.6-inch) and ghosts like crazy. Furthermore it has no networking other than the cable to tie in two Game Boys together. In other words, you only play it solo and yes, you will get a headache after playing one for as little as 20 minutes. Why? Because your eyes are constantly refocusing to accommodate for the ghosting. It's safe to say that the Nintendo DS is so, so much better in every way, nostalgia be damned - and it even has wi-fi. The only I'd buy were I in the market would be the DS Lite because it's a fantastic handheld gaming system. Truly. You can even browse the web with it.

Sometimes the past is best left in the past. 🙂


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