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Can't forget our Sunday blogging now, can we? (grin)


My sister is entertaining the idea of opening up a web site for her new biz. She's into the veterenary thing so she'll be offering services of that nature. Being very close to Boston she should do quite well. Best of luck to her in that endeavor.


Pop is going to need a lawn tractor for mowing duties. Seems that his lawn sprouts up very fast, so a riding mower is definitely in order. I'll be heading up north next week to check a few out. Hopefully they won't cost too much.

Back in Connecticut I would routinely mow the lawn with the riding tractor we had there. Before that tractor, I never mowed the lawn. Ever. Too much work. Does that make me lazy? Probably. But anyway, after getting the tractor, I mowed the lawn once every two weeks almost religiously, and actually enjoyed doing it. I even did some groundskeeping with seeding the lawn and such. Here in FL I will most likely do the same at Pop's place. Doesn't bother me as long as I have the tractor. 🙂


This coming week promises some good things to happen which I'll be posting about soon enough, so stay tuned for that.

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