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I hate trucks

Trucks are just stupid.

As I said just recently, I was driving a truck and now I'm not, thank God. After over 10 years of driving a pickup, I grew to hate the stupid thing. I now hate trucks so much that it is highly unlikely that I will ever buy one again.

Why did I stick with the one I had for so long if I hated it so much? Because I had the mindset of "Better to keep this piece of crap rather than get another car that may end up being another piece of crap." However, my truck forced me to get rid of it and get a car, which as I mentioned before is a small 5-door hatchback.

Driving a proper car has shown me just how awful trucks really are. Even if the truck I had was in absolutely mint new condition, the hatchback would still the better vehicle.

A truck is nothing but an obese highway princess

Take this quick questionnaire:

  1. Do you take your truck on dirt or mud for longer than 20 minutes at least 10 times a year?
  2. Do you haul anything over 200 pounds with your truck at least 10 times a year?
  3. Do you tow anything over 500 pounds with your truck at least 10 times a year?

If you answered no to all 3, congratulations, you drive an obese highway princess. You drive a big, stupid luxury barge.

I did not drive on dirt (and no, parking on dirt at the flea market doesn't count). I never hauled anything significant. I never towed anything.

Yes, this means I was driving an obese highway princess.

Thoughts back when I had my truck

While driving around running errands, I would see little hatchback cars like the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Chevrolet Sonic, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris and so on...

...and I got jealous. I really did. I'd be sitting in my big, stupid truck, spot those little compact hatchbacks and feel genuine jealousy. I would think, "Wow, it must be so nice to drive something like that."

Sometimes I felt genuine desire. I remember one time spotting a bright red Honda Fit and distinctively thinking, "I want that car." Heck, there was even one time where I found myself admiring a Toyota Echo at a Circle K gas station. And that model hasn't been made since 2005!

After years of driving a big, dumb useless truck, the little cars began looking really attractive. I started feeling a yearning for a compact probably about a year ago. And once that yearning started, it didn't stop.

I knew at some point I was going to get one. That much was obvious. However, I hadn't planned on getting a compact hatchback until 2018. But as fate would have it, the truck didn't want to wait that long and I got the hatchback in 2017 instead.

Thoughts after switching to the compact car

I'm still getting used to the quietness. The hatchback is so quiet at a stop that I have to check the tachometer just to make sure the engine is actually running. This is a good thing.

Parking lots are ten times easier to get in and out of. A simple example of this is Dunkin' Donuts. For whatever reason, many DD stores in Tampa Bay have ridiculously small and tight parking areas. The hatchback handles these tiny lots with ease. There are also plenty of other places with tiny parking areas that I can now get in and out of with no problem at all.

The turning radius of the hatchback is very, very tight. This is incredibly nice to have not only for the aforementioned small parking areas but also for U-turns in and around Tampa. The truck's turning radius in comparison was ginormous.

I very much appreciate having accessible, convenient storage in the hatchback that I can actually, y'know, use. The pickup's storage was accessible but so unbelievably inconvenient that it ended up being worthless.

I do wonder when people will wake up and stop driving trucks

Trucks are utility vehicles. When used for their utility, they do well. For everything else, they suck.

Trucks are not for taking the kids to soccer practice.

Trucks are the worst commuter cars.

Trucks have horrendous gas mileage.

It is genuinely a challenge to get a truck past 100,000 miles without having a major mechanical failure.

Well before 100K miles, a truck will start squeaking, creaking and rattling all over the place because that's what trucks do.

Trucks have maintenance costs so high that it's basically the same as owning a luxury sedan except it will break twice as often, if not more so.

How long will it take for people to stop buying fatty highway princesses and start driving sedans and compacts again? I guess that depends on how long it takes before people realize that trucks and SUVs when not used for utility are absolute junk.

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