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Trust me, this is a good sign

Something I read today warmed the cockles of my heart.. maybe even in the sub-cockle area, maybe even in the colon. According to recent statistics from the Labor Department, the number of people who are outright quitting their jobs in search of better ones is the highest it's been in four years. Sounds like a bad thing, right? It's not. It means that there is finally some relief for people who are stuck in really crappy jobs. These people have found it safe to quit and have been able to find better employment.

"Better employment" to me doesn't necessarily mean better pay. It means better peace of mind. Most of us out there are more than aware that the vast majority of companies out there couldn't care less about its employees, other than they simply show up - but that's not enough. Other countries take the initiative to ensure that employees are kept happy so they stay at their job, develop teamwork, a sense of family atmosphere, and overall happiness at the job. This means a better product is produced.

I am in full support of anyone wishing to find a job that makes them happier and feel better about themselves. With more and more US based companies outsourcing, cutting corners and doing anything possible to keep their executives in their Porsches and yachts, it makes me very happy that more people will have the opportunity to stick the middle finger to them and find another job. A better job, where they'll be more appreciated for an honest day's work.


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