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trying to switch to linux part 2 (i.e. not gonna happen)

windows-logoPart 1 is here.

Once again I was not able to get Linux to do what I wanted it to do. This time it was with Fedora. And man, did I have high hopes for Fedora. It was the best distro I've used yet. Everything looked promising, until...

Command line doom

Try to get a DVD to play without going to the command line. I dare you. Can't do it? I'm not surprised. I'm as adept at the command line as the next man, but when you have to do crap like this, that's just ridiculous.

Dual-monitor a no-go

Possible to do dual screens in Fedora? Absolutely. Getting it to work right without manually editing xorg.conf? Absolutely not. And in my DVI/VGA setup, X as I mentioned before "hates" that kind of setup. If you have VGA/VGA or DVI/DVI it's much "happier" with that for whatever reason.

Slow internet speed that can only be fixed in a weird way

My Fedora 7 setup had internet speeds that absolutely crawled for absolutely no reason. I found after searching the internet that if you turn off the ipv6 as mentioned here, then it works right.

And once again, the way to do it is in command line doom.

Stupid. Absolutely stupid. Were it not for the fact I'm so good at Google searching I never would have found the solution. And for first-time Linux'ers, there's no chance of anything they'd ever be able to figure it out. Not a chance.

. . .

I'm staying with XP. It works and works well for what I do. I am absolutely done with trying Linux distros. I've gone thru so many it makes my head spin.

Recently I discovered the Zune XP theme and XP once again looks good. I like it.

. . .

Even though I've been using Windows ever since I've been using PC's, I haven't used every version released. I completely skipped ME and 2000 for home use.

It may very well be the case I skip Vista entirely and wait until the next major release. That's probably what I will do.

So anyway... even though my XP is old by today's standards, it just works. I'm stickin' to it. 😉

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