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two parts that should not have broken

I drive a 2005 GMC Canyon pickup truck. She's been a good runner, however there are two things that broke on her that boggles my mind as to why they would. (Both have been fixed by the way, more on that in a moment.)

On the driver's seat left there is a seat recline lever and a lumbar support knob in front of that.

A few years ago the lumbar knob cracked on the inside. Being that I never adjusted it, I just left it that way. Every now and then it would pop off, so I would just pop it back on.

Cracked lumbar adjustment knob

Today I saw that the recline lever cracked. Never in all my vehicles have I ever had one of these bust. My first thought was, "How the frig did this thing get cracked? Did the seat belt wrap around it, pull and crack it? How did this happen?" I guess I'll never know.

Cracked recline lever

I took this as a sign I should replace both parts, so I called University Chevrolet to see if they had them in stock. They did. The cost was $29 after tax for both. For the lumbar knob, you line up the tracks, push and it pops right on. For the lever, that takes one Torx screw. Easy install for both.

The result:

New lumbar knob and recline lever
(exact matches to the originals, color and all)

Yes I know the seat is creased a bit but you have to remember this truck has 83,000 miles on her.

For those wondering, no I did not jump in and out of the truck. No, I am not overweight (I'm well under 200lbs.) It's just a bad seat design that makes crap like this happen.

Fortunately it was only $29 to fix it, all parts included.

Considering how much it costs to repair vehicles these days, this was a dirt cheap fix.

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