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wasted time/cash

MT 3.35.. bleah

I tried the latest version of MovableType, which at present is version 3.35. Didn't like it. My two largest gripes is that 3.35 had a bunch of crap in it I didn't need, and the supposed "faster rebuild" process was actually slower. Yeah. I wasn't impressed. So I'm back to using 3.2.

Also, I'm entertaining the idea of changing around the blog template again.. a new design may be coming soon.

"Music" CD-R's suck

Technically speaking there isn't any difference between a "music" CD-R and a data-based one, save for the fact they typically write at much lower speeds.

I bought a 30-pack of those "music" Imation CD-R's and they're all junk. Can't return 'em because the package is opened. Yeah, it's only ten bucks wasted, but hey, ten bucks is ten bucks.

And if you're asking why I'm using CD-R's instead of writable DVD's, the answer is reliability. In my experience, writable DVD's are notoriously unreliable - even when I keep them safely tucked away in a disc holder.

What do to for files bigger than 700MB? Use a file splitter like HJSplit. Works great.

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