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What dashcam do you use? Viofo update, 300 days later

My Viofo dashcam is still running strong.

My main dashcam that I've been using since August 2019 has been a Viofo A119 V2. There are now newer models (including some which have both front and rear facing cameras), but mine still works fine so I keep using it.

At the time I bought my dashcam, there were two specific features I wanted.

First, GPS. You'll notice in the video above that current speed and coordinate information is displayed at the bottom. I consider this absolutely necessary because that information states exactly where I am and how fast I'm going at any given moment.

Second, supercapacitor. It's hot where I live. The dashcam is exposed to the sun during daylight driving and the windshield more or less acts like a lens when the sunlight is hitting the dashcam. Anything with a lithium ion battery getting hit by the sun like that would overheat and shut down fast. A supercapacitor can handle the heat much better, which is exactly what my Viofo dashcam has.

To date, my Viofo dashcam has never had a problem with GPS signal acquisition and so far it's handled the heat without a problem.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using a dashcam like this.

First, the screen on this thing is tiny. But then again, at least it has one. When reviewing video directly on the dashcam, it's doable. And the unit even has a little speaker that plays back the audio too.

Second, the interface isn't exactly intuitive. I sometimes forget how to access the menu for whenever I need to do that. But at least capturing a piece of video you want to save is really easy with a one-button press, so there's that.

Third, no wi-fi. Any video to be saved either requires taking the dashcam out of the car and plugging into USB, or just removing the memory card and retrieving videos that way.

None of these drawbacks are deal-breakers for one simple reason. This thing works. The dashcam does the job it's supposed to do and doesn't complain. It handles the heat. It does obey the command to save video clips with that one-button press I mentioned a moment ago. The video quality, while not perfect, is definitely good enough. The audio quality is also good enough.

Again, it works. Video is recorded, GPS coordinates are accurate, recorded speed is also accurate.

My Viofo dashcam might be slightly bulky and not have the best screen nor the best interface, but when driving, it does get the job done.

Where dashcams are concerned, this was a good purchase.

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