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what you don't see but i do

Above: Some of the world map per the last 500 visitors to per use of Google Analytics.

I dig the fact I get some good traffic from the UK. Not as much as the USA, obviously, but it's still cool. It is definitely on my to-do list to hop across the pond someday and visit. Most people I know would say they'd like to visit Japan first, but I don't agree. I want to be in a place where it's said we're all separated by a common language. 🙂 It's English, but, you know, different. A different style and flair, if you will. And UK girls are hot. So hot. It's the accent, I know.. but hey, it's a turn-on, what can I say.

In the USA I have had a visit or two from just about every state except North and South Dakota. Evidently they don't have internet there yet (and yes, that's a joke). If you know someone who lives in either of those two places, tell 'em to come by my site for a visit so they can be put on the map. If you're from there but live someone else now, that doesn't count. The site visit has to be from within that area. So get to it. 🙂

Things not shown on the map are visits from China, Australia, South Africa and Brazil. To all those countries, hello!

The most interesting thing on the map above (that you almost miss) are the visits from Norway. Look for the dot at the top right. The little two dots under that are also Norway. I've got the North and South ends covered. Boo-yah!

So you see, there are benefits to having a public web site. And you get a good geography lesson along the way. 🙂

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