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Where are all the girl geeks?

I actually already know the answer to this question and I'll get to it in a bit - keep reading. 🙂

In 1987 I was 12 years old. For video games, Nintendo was the big thing and more or less the only thing. People were throwing out their Atari 2600 and ColecoVision systems left and right to "play Nintendo".

Whenever you went into a Toys "R" Us store and headed to the video game area, you would only find boys there. No girls.

In '05 or '06 I stepped into that same store I did back before I was a teenager. I honestly don't remember why I went. I had a reason but it escapes me what it was. After I entered the store, I (of course) walked right over to the video game area to check it out. I didn't have any intention of buying anything; I go there because that section is always an in-your-face kind of display. Wild colors are everywhere, sounds of games can be heard playing and the area is just a cavalcade of sights and sounds.

Also in this area are several television screens hooked up to game systems for people to test out.

And (if you couldn't guess by now), I saw a girl that was probably 12 years old playing a game.

A girl.

In the video game area.

She was doing what all true gamers do: Staring blankly at the screen completely engrossed in the game. And moreover she was good at the game she was playing - which means she played it before and knew it well. It was some racing game as I recall.

Rock on.

All I could think of was "Wow. Times really have changed."

There are girl geeks sprawled all over the internet. They do everything the boys do (sometimes better). They game, blog, program, code and everything in between. And they're of all ages - not just kids. In fact, there are girl geeks my age (I'm 32, by the way).

So why is it that girl geeks are so hard to find? That's easy enough to answer: They're on the computer at home (not all of them, but most).

I give total respect to girl geeks - and I mean that sincerely. Girls that game or blog or code or whatever are cool in my book.

It's too bad online personals don't list a girl-geek category. It would be nice to hook up with one that is a geek (around my age obviously) that just flat-out admits it. She would score automatic "cool points" with me in that respect. 🙂

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