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why i won't be pressing CDs

My collection of songs is nearing completion and will be released relatively soon, but one thing I won't be doing is pressing any CDs. The distribution method I'll be going through does offer it as an on-demand thing for those that actually want the disc (I think?), but as far as actually buying stock, no way.

Any artist that presses CDs these days is an idiot for the simple reason that nobody wants them. Nobody carries around a portable CD player. Both kids and adults either use iPods, cell phones, their computer of a combination of all three - but no discs. The only time anyone listens to a disc anymore is in the car, and only if the car does not have an AUX port for an iPod or cell phone.

If I was touring (and who knows, maybe I will?), the only merchandise I'd be selling at shows would be t-shirts and vinyl records. 45 RPM speed, specifically. Why vinyl records? Because it's way more attractive than a CD, is an instant collectible, people will buy them just because it's vinyl regardless of whether they like your music or not, and most importantly they actually sell because of their special and unique nature.


Back in the early 2000s when I was still living in New England there were several regional "scene" web sites along with a few crappy "labels", all of which went under. The reason they all failed is because the only audience those sites ever attracted were musicians and not actual fans. When you have a site that's all-musician and no-fans, that's a recipe for nobody-cares stew.

Before everyone had iPods and cell phones that could play MP3s, all these scene/label sites were hocking CDs from various bands, the vast majority of which were metal bands that just plain sucked. Very few people actually bought discs even back then. Heck, I even knew bands who pressed CDs that literally had piles of unsold copies, and again, remember this is before the whole iPod thing. If they didn't sell then, what makes anyone think people would buy them now?

In the end, if you really want a CD of my stuff, I'm pretty sure the distro method I'm using will have an option for it, but otherwise it's all-digital first and foremost.


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