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WordPress is just like Windows 95

Something happened within my WordPress setup where I absolutely could not disable wp_texturize, better known as "curly quotes". You'll notice there are no curlies on this or any other post on my blog now, because the way I fixed this was to completely reinstall WP from scratch.

Yeah, I know all about the remove_filter and every other way (including php.ini) of disabling wp_texturize. Believe me, there is absolutely nothing you could have told me that I didn't try. I knew something was screwed up in my WP setup when I installed a sandbox version and magically, the remove_filter worked.. so I knew it wasn't a server thing.

I know enough about WP, PHP, MySQL and what to backup in order to completely reinstall WP and you'd never even know it - which is the case here. But the fact I had to do that to fix a problem which should have been resolved with one line of code is just plain stupid.

This is the exact same crap I had to deal with previously with Windows, except now we deal with it on a blog engine level. Windows 95 basically didn't know how to do anything right, and uninstalling didn't really mean uninstalling. Of course, now we have things like CCleaner and other utilities to clean out Windows do you don't need to reinstall it (or at least I don't), but WP's way of installing and uninstalling plugins and whatnot is totally screwed up just like '95 was.

What a pain in the ass this was - and I couldn't even find what was causing the issue in my WP where it would absolutely not shut off wp_texturize no matter what I did. No uninstallation of plugins, reinstalling WP over itself or whatever I did worked. Had to reinstall.

Hope I never have to do that again. Ugh.

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