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Yahoo Anti-Spy

I had to go over to my pop's computer to test something and I noticed on his computer that a "Yahoo Toolbar Update" notice appeared.

Note before continuing: I have my pop's computer completely "Yahoo-ized". This is for ease of use on his part. Personally speaking I never install any of that crap on my computers. But on his it's okay because he is what I consider a "safe" internet user and doesn't do stupid things on the internet like.. 99% of the rest of people do. Anyway..

I installed the update. A new feature was the Yahoo Anti-Spy. This is spyware detection software. I tried it out. Since my pop doesn't really surf 'round that much on the 'net it didn't find much but a couple of cookies here and there - but it did work.

I have to say it was nice of Yahoo to actually provide anti-spy software that's right there and easy to install. Will I use it? Nope. I have other utilities I already use. But for Joe/Jane Average internet user this should be good. How well it works I don't know - but at least it's better than nothing for most folks out there.

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