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yay, free skype account for absolutely no reason at all

In yet another example of Stupid Crap That Happens With Rich's Yahoo! Account, I check the account and get this email:


Hey, cool, a new Skype account - THAT I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR in a language I don't even speak. Yes, it's a real email and not a spoof/scam/phish.

Somehow someone managed to register a Skype account with my Yahoo! email address. I can't even tell you how that's possible being you have to confirm your address in order to do that - but it happened.

I said "Well, fuggit, as long as it's registered...", go to login to Skype, hit 'Forgot Password', had the system send me a new temporary password, used it, reset password and now the account I'll never use is officially mine.

And this is one of several reasons I'm happy I don't use Yahoo! as my primary email anymore.

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