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YouTube pay-video experimentation

I finally have the ability to charge for video presentations.

Above is an almost-90-minute presentation on installing Microsoft Windows 95 in VirtualBox. I put it together with the specific intention of testing a new pay-video option. You'll notice that when you attempt to play it, the system states you have to rent to view. This is intentional. No, you don't have to buy it if you don't want to (although you can if you want.)

For a few months now, I have had the ability on YouTube to charge for video content, but only now have I gotten around to actually testing it. The above video is the first test, and from what I can tell, it does work.

Why a tech video?

Tech, or more specifically retro tech, is something I can ramble on about for hours while at the same time teaching the viewer (you) how to actually do something that works.

The installation of Win95 in VirtualBox is something I've done a bunch of times, know it very well, and knew it would take a good long time to go through it all; this is why the video is almost 90 minutes in length.

In other words, it was something I knew I could get done a lot faster than a guitar or recording tutorial. I needed a test, so the Win95 thing was good for that.

People have been asking me for paid video lessons for a while now

For a good long while now (we're talking at least a year or two,) people have been asking me to post guitar and/or multitrack recording lessons online, and openly told me they would pay for it.

The entire reason I've not done it is because VOD, which means video-on-demand, is something I couldn't do due to technical limitations. Very few web sites offer VOD in a way that is easily accessible to everyone. And by everyone, I mean both desktop and mobile users.

YouTube's VOD, which they simply called video rental, isn't perfect, but it definitely qualifies as "good enough" to use. Both desktop and mobile users can use it, and there is the option to offer both rental and download options.

The only annoying part is currency. I'll explain. For every rental I offer, I specifically have to price it for every country I offer it to. So if I want to offer it for the world, that means I have to load up a currency converter and price it on per-country level. For example, if I offer a $3.99 USD rental, that means for Mexico I charge 59 MXN (Mexican pesos,) 3.53 EUR (Euros,) 5.55 NZD (New Zealand dollar,) and so on. With pesos, the price has to end in a 9, and in NZD, the cent amount has to end in a 5 because they eliminated their version of pennies a few years back.

Yeah, this can get kind of annoying to get it all working, but I think it's worth it.

At this point, I don't even know if the payment system within YouTube actually works. I can't test that because I can't buy my own video, so I assume it works.

If all goes well, hopefully this will lead to long form guitar and recording lessons soon.


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