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YouTube purposely removing higher quality versions of older videos?

On my YouTube channel I have videos that are four years old. Yeah, I've been using that site a long time. However I noticed something weird with a few of the older vids. It would appear that some of them are crappy-beyond-belief concerning their video quality.

Fortunately I did back up my vids a while back. Upon examining the YouTube version with my backed up version, YouTube's is notably inferior whereas before it wasn't.

Back in the way-early days I screen-capped some gameplay stuff. Here's one of Diablo II I made. Note the difference between the YouTube version now and my backed up version below it.

YouTube version now:

YouTube version then:

You can definitely see the quality difference between the two.

The "then" version is hosted locally here on my web site, but it was pulled directly from the YouTube site two or three years ago. What this means is that they used to show the best quality version of it, but now they only show 240p.

On top of that, the "Download MP4" function from within "My Videos" still downloads the same crappy quality.

It would appear that YouTube is purposely doing this either to save server space and/or bandwidth. That sucks, but I guess that's the way it is. There is absolutely no option to view the video in any higher quality via the YouTube site. The 360p version is simply gone.

I'm glad I have my backups.

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