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A broken pile of CDs

I finally decided that it was time to go through the stacks and stacks of CDs and DVDs I have, figure out which ones could be thrown away and get rid of the junk.

There are CDs I have that are literally a decade old. They've been moved around so many times that it's a miracle any of them work. For most of the discs I went through, I was able to retrieve the data worth saving and back it up. Instead of re-burning the data to another disc, I'm opting to use cloud-based storage. I use Windows Live SkyDrive in particular because they offer 25GB of space for free. It works well enough and the files should stay there as long as I login to the account once a month.

I should note that for the time being I'm only concentrating on old data when it comes to storing it in the cloud. For newer stuff I'm still using discs. If SkyDrive proves to be good with the retention of data and doesn't magically delete itself for no reason, then I'll start pushing more current files there.

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