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aim finally loses title as best instant messenger service ever

Instant messaging isn't used by too many these days, but I've always said AIM was the best because it never breaks and it was 100% spam-free.

Yesterday for the first time ever I received an AIM spam IM. And today I received another.

I couldn't believe it. After all these years the spambots have finally found a way to bug people on AIM. I'll give credit where it's due - the fact AIM has gone on this long without it being a problem is nothing short of a miracle.

My only guess as to why this is happening now is because of the recent thing AIM's been doing with the "enter your real name" crapola. If you use the AIM 7 client, it's been prompting to do this every time you launch the program. I didn't because I've never had to do it in forever, so why start now? I'm betting the social connectivity crap is what led to the spam happening even though I didn't elect to use it.

The reason this spam thing is significant is because AIM was the last IM out there that didn't have a spam problem. ICQ was the first to get blitzed with spam and still does. MSN, Yahoo and Skype also have it. AIM was the only one that didn't.

But no longer.

Oh well. Had to happen sooner or later.


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