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aim triton and dell myway search follies

Warning: Tech post.

There were two items in my Add/Remove Programs in my Windows XP that absolutely would not go away no matter what I did.

The first one was the AOL Uninstaller after installing AIM Triton "Preview". The second was the MyWay Search Assistant.

AIM Uninstaller

Situtation: You install AIM Triton Beta (or Preview or whatever you want to call it). It looks nice, but as with all AOL products, you delete them afterwards because they tick you off in one way or another.

You head over to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and uninstall it. System prompts for a reboot, so you reboot. After rebooting, the "AOL Uninstaller" is still there. You try to uninstall it, it will not budge. You cannot uninstall AOL Uninstaller.


This is what I did to get rid of it - properly.

1. I downloaded AIM Triton again and installed the chat client only (no AOL browser or toolbar or any of that crap).

Note: When I install things, I usually install right from the desktop. Whether this is proper or not, I don't care. That's the way I do it.

2. I notice a file is written to the desktop called "main". A-ha. This must be the culprit. In my previous installation I deleted that after install. This time I didn't touch it.

3. AIM Triton completes its install. I let it run once, then shut it down.

4. I choose to uninstall AIM from the Start Menu, not from the Control Panel as I did before. In the Start Menu for AIM you will see an "Uninstall AIM" thing there.

5. Before uninstalling, I "removed local data" first.

6. Performed uninstall.

7. Rebooted.

AOL uninstaller is now gone, as is AIM Triton. Yee-haw. One down, one to go.

Dell MyWay Search Assistant

Situation: There is a "MyWay Search Assistant" in your Control Panel that does not have the option to be uninstalled even though you thought you uninstalled it. Hmm..

Explanation: This is bundled with the sales of new Dell computers and as embedded in XP.

How to get rid of it: Very tricky. This article tells you step by step what to do, but here's the short and short of it:

(Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk.)

1. Open up the registry editor.

2. Search for

3. In the same "folder" that the entry shows up in, look for something that says C:\WINDOWS\Installer\8xyz.msi - the "xyz" is different on each computer. It might be 818b.msi or 817c.msi or something different, but it always starts with an 8.

4. Head over to C:\WINDOWS\Installer in the Windows Explorer, find that file, right click it and select Uninstall. If you can't "get" to the file, you'll need to "show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options from the Control Panel first.

Done deal. MyWay Search Spyware is gone.

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