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all those little bots...

The big news with spam prevention right now is that Microsoft did some major ass-kicking in killing off a huge chunk of worldwide spam; this was done by busting the super-huge botnet called Rustock.

Recently I fired up my ICQ client after not having done so in a while. As I was doing my work with my blogging and whatnot, I noticed something, or rather a lack of something - the ICQ client was silent. There were no spammy buddy requests coming in - and I always get those. But they shockingly haven't been happening at all.

Is this a result of Rustock getting killed off? I'm pretty sure it is, because spam obviously isn't limited to just email, and I'm pretty sure the ICQ admins didn't have some miraculous new spam-prevention technique implemented that magically killed ICQ spam overnight.

I've been using ICQ a long time, and I seriously never thought I'd see the day where the spam on ICQ would just... end. It's weird that the ICQ spam isn't there - BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING. 🙂 Hopefully spam-free ICQ will last for a good long while.

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