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another sign i'm getting older wiser

Back in my teens and early 20's, I read nothing but Four Wheeler and Motor Trend magazine. Every month I would read them cover to cover. I knew everything there was to know about new cars and trucks. And I wanted them all.

Lately I've been getting bit by the car bug. I want another car. Something small, sporty and too fast for its own good.

But then I look at the truck I drive now. It looks good. It runs good. I can afford it. Mileage is excellent. Has the utility I need. With the sunroof I had installed, it's Florida-friendly.

Maybe someday I'll get another "toy" car, but I don't want it to live the life my Camaro did. I owned that car for five years and barely drove it. There's really no point to owning a car if you can't.. y'know.. drive it.

I said to Pop today that I bet I'll be able to get 200,000 miles out of my truck, especially considering FL weather is very friendly on cars. He agreed.

In short, I was reminded once again of the difference between want and need.

I want a new car.

But I don't need one.

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