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are you in an internet closet?

What do I find really interesting about the internet, socially speaking?

It's the fact people so desperately try to hide the fact they use it all the time. Email, instant messaging, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, music, videos, bill paying, WHATEVER.. you're using it.

Not only do you use this thing called internet, but I'm betting you're pretty good at it too. Posting photos? Yeah, you can do that. Sending messages to people? Pff.. that's a no-brainer. Connecting your social networks to your cell phone? Oh yeah, you can do that too. You know all this stuff.

Realize that even to this day that doing any of that stuff is not easy. You sat down, learned it and are doing it.

And here's something you can impress yourself with: Most - if not all - of what you know about internet you learned yourself.

Why did you even bother? Because it's important to you.

You find it important enough to take time out of your life to learn this computer crapola because it's worth doing.

How I wish.. OH, how I wish.. that people would just stop trying to deny they use internet as if there's some huge social stigma attached to it.

My honest belief is that most people hide in an internet closet. They use internet a lot. A whole lot. Tons, in fact. But they don't tell anybody and are completely afraid to for fear of being pegged as a geek or a nerd.

I don't understand where the fear comes from. Truly. When MySpace was the hot social site, everybody was on it. And then when Facebook overtook that spot, everybody moved over to that.

Before social sites, I knew people that are the furthest thing away from being nerds or geeks that absolutely lived by their email. Heck, some even sent their own mini-newsletters back in the day. I also knew others that had so many buddies on their AOL Instant Messenger that they couldn't add any more because they reached the limit of how many people you could add on that system per a single account.

I learned a while back to just be honest when it comes to how much I use internet. I use it for my job, it got me my job, it allows me to communicate with people in the most efficient way possible, it gets me dates (yes it does), it got me into the current band I'm in right now.. I could go on and on. I use internet heavily and have absolutely no shame in admitting that whatsoever.

And here's another thing. Whenever I encounter people that either don't use internet or just outright lie and deny they're on it a lot, there's almost not a thing we can talk about. We're talking very little subject matter here. I don't watch television. I don't follow sports. But I do like stuff that involves the internet in some way, then translates into real life afterward.

A very small example of that is the band I'm in now. Met off internet. Chatted on phone. Got together. Played together - and it clicked.

That's awesome.

Eventually I'll find a way to get with people that share my other interests like amateur photography, geocaching and maybe, just maybe, putting together a small movie for YouTube. Those are things I'm working on that will come to fruition sooner or later (hopefully sooner).

Anyway, people seriously need to get out of their internet closet, because it's really, and I mean really, irritating.


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