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bits for 17 july '09

The past almost-two days have been a bit inconvenient.

I've been running the tank bone dry in my truck and decided to fill it up yesterday. Even at $2.39 a gallon (which is still fairly cheap) it cost me $43.06 to fill it. Bear in mind I have a 19-gallon tank. I can run her for a long time, but when it comes time to fill, it can cost quite a bit.

In addition I had to spend spend some additional cash on bills and a few other odds and ends. Yesterday went well over $100. Ugh.

Today I made the mistake of not calling ahead for an appointment to get my hair cut. I walk in, there are two barbers there working on clients. One of them makes direct eye contact with me. Doesn't say a word. I'm standing there for five minutes waiting for someone to at least say, "I'll be with you in a moment." Didn't happen. Got ticked off and left because that's just seriously stupid when you establish a customer is waiting then don't bother to do anything.

I went to SuperCuts instead. I called ahead this time.

When I arrived, I walked in and sat down. Then some dopey broad walked in with a very small little girl. She was picking up her friend who was getting her hair cut, who was the mother. The broad, of course, sat right next to me. The girl instantly starts crying for her mother. Wailing, in fact. It was your standard little girl "growl"/wail thing. MOMMMMAAAAAAA.... (BREATHE IN HARD)... MOOOOOMMMMMAAAAAAA.... UHHHHHHHH (BREATHE IN..) MAAAAAMAAAAAAAAA....

Bear in mind this little girl's mother was literally less than 10 feet away from her.

I didn't say anything and just sat there patiently while that little snot-nosed brat wailed away. In fact I got so stressed I was starting to break a sweat - in an air conditioned room. No joke. After what seemed like an eternity, the mother got her hair finished, paid, and the three of them left. That brat wailed all the way out the door.

I was in an absolutely foul mood after that.

The girl who cut my hair asked how I was doing in an attempt to be friendly. I said, "Stressed." She tried to make small talk with me but I was still fuming over that brat's voice that was still ringing in my ears.

What I wanted to say was, "I'm ticked off because I wanted to duct tape that little girl's mouth shut, because I don't go to get a haircut only to have a screaming runt wail RIGHT NEXT TO ME."

I didn't say that. But I was thinking it.

Hair was cut, I paid, I left.

I am happy to be back in my nice, peaceful, QUIET apartment, thank you very much.

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