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Blazing Saddles commentary review

I just bought the Blazing Saddles 30th Anniversary DVD because, you know, it's an awesome movie. Where else can you get a western that has the line "blow it out your ass" in it.

One thing I always do is listen to the director's commentary on DVD's because I like to hear how scenes were done and hear the stories told about the film and so on. I didn't really like the commentary on the 'Saddles DVD too much. Mel Brooks is a very smart and very funny man, but he's terrible at commentary because he never talks about the movie directly. On both Spaceballs and this movie he rambles on and on about stuff barely relating to the film. You maybe get a little snip from him about the film every now and then but it quickly moves to long drawn out digressions about something else entirely. It gets annoying really quick. I couldn't even listen to the whole commentary because it's just so damned uninteresting. I just want to yell out Stick to the flim, will ya?

On a scale of 1-10:

Blazing Saddles: 8
Blazing Saddles Commentary: 1 (bleah!)

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