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boots and reboots


A few announcements.

Twitter rebooted

This is my Twitter account that I've had since 2007 but have never really done anything with.

What I did a while back was clear out all my followers and tweets so everything is started fresh over there, and now I'm using it again.

Why did I reboot this? Mainly because some people hate Facebook and some don't like email for contacting me with. Twitter seems to be that thing that everyone can agree upon because they like the @reply way of contacting whom they want. Fine by me.

I would appreciate anyone who follows me there, said sincerely.

Facebook booted

Well, not technically booted, but rather shelved. I still use Facebook just like many do, but I took the link to it off this site because I want to push more focus to Twitter.

Dick Vlog rebooted

I started vlogging again on my YouTube channel and am going to try and keep up with it. Yes, try, because making videos is a pain in the ass. I do it because people have been requesting that I start vlogging again for a long time now, so... here it is.

My YouTube channel is If you have a YouTube account of your own, please subscribe via this link. I'd really and truly appreciate it. And because people get freaked out at the word "subscribe," no, it does not mean you have to spend any money. YouTube just calls following a channel subscribing for whatever reason, and like Twitter, it's free. In YouTube speak, "subscribe" = "follow". Same thing.

See you there!


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