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can't win

I'm in the middle of writing a small how-to book on simple home networking, but am forced to take a break because my secondary laptop is having Windows XP Service Pack 2 applied to it - which takes forever. Ugh. It's an older Pentium III processor so it just takes a really long time. Ugh again.


In the midst of this for some strange reason my wireless card is acting very buggy. I have an Intel PRO/Wireless 2915 which does a/b/g. I always use g because it's the fastest (duh). Since yesterday the card kept dropping the connection left and right.

So I decided to update the drivers and BIOS to see if that would fix the problem. On my Dell Inspiron 6000 I'm now at BIOS revision A09 instead of A03, and my wireless card now has revision A15 drivers. The connection seems to have stabilized, but time will tell.


My 2005 GMC Canyon is now officially obsolete at two years old. General Motors is now offering new engines. Instead of a 2.8 liter four-cylinder engine, it's now 2.9 with ten more horses under the hood (175 to 185).

I was ticked off for about two seconds. Then I said to myself Eh.. whatever. It's just ten horses..


I got the pleasure (said sarcastically) of talking to a pretty Russian girl on ICQ who had been somewhat Americanized after staying here in the USA for a while.

I'll explain.

If you take any pretty girl who knows she's pretty, many of them turn into self-serving selfish hosebeasts who expect men to bow at their feet and give them whatever they want. Stupid American men are more than happy to oblige by wasting all their money on them in the desperate hope of getting laid.

Anyway, she isn't totally Americanized yet but is well on her way. She's at the point where she knows the stupid boys will do anything for her and has already developed the "I'm a pretty girl, serve me" attitude.

It's a good thing I'm not stupid.

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