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charming dear

The title of this entry is an anagram of "Richard Menga" (make your own).


My truck just recently passed 36,000 miles, so it's officially out of the warranty period.


At the gas station today this hot hot hot chick came up to me with short short shorts and wicked black hair, then asked me where the gas cap was on her rental car. I was happy to show her. She had this ultra-cute accent... sounded Brazilian I think. Not sure. Doesn't matter. She was smokin' hot. Killer smile too in addition to her other features.

For those few minutes of my life I was in love with her. Easy come easy go. 🙂


Tomorrow I will be taking Pop to some hobby shops. He loves his trains. I'm quite positive there will be no hot chicks there. (grin)


Someone said to me recently that I'm quite the wordsmith and that I write well. Honestly I never thought I wrote that well but I'm happy there are those who appreciate it. Compliments (even the little ones) go a long way with me.

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