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I spoke of Chinese girls recently. Usually when I ask for a photo I get one or more (and I always return the favor by sending photos of my own.) They're always clean, always feminine and always classy.

A China girl that I most recently chatted with asked me why Americans are so reluctant to reveal even the most basic of information, such as age and what state they live in. I tried in my best effort to explain that American culture (as well as most of Western culture) is best described as guarded. We just don't like revealing ourselves to anyone - even to each other. Americans get defensive quickly and then angry when anyone we don't know dares to ask us anything personal. We automatically assume someone is "out to get us."I honestly don't believe that.

During the Cold War there were scores of Americans that were convinced that the Russians were going to kill us all.

That didn't happen, and we all learned a valuable lesson of how foolish it was to believe that in the first place.

It is difficult for many Americans to believe that when someone says "hello," it means just that. It is a friendly greeting and has no other connotation. There is no ulterior motive involved.

I say "hello" back. And I make good friends by doing that.

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