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communication adjustments for 2011

I was originally going to called this "communication changes for 2011" but I'm not really changing, just adjusting to how people communicate online these days.

Using AIM but not for AIM

I've officially stopped using AIM, but am still using the AIM client for Facebook chat, and to be honest it's very good at it. This throws people for a loop because they think, "Wait.. I can use AIM to login to Facebook but no AIM account is required?" That's right. The client is simply the gateway. You can alternatively connect both an AIM and Facebook account at the same time, but what's the point when nobody uses AIM anymore?

Preparing for the Yahoopocalypse

Every other week I'm hearing bad stuff about Yahoo. Really bad. So bad that I'm taking steps to ensure that if my Yahoo Mail account goes bust, I can switch over to domain mail easily. At this point I'm testing a domain account to ensure it's spam-free (i.e. create the account and let it sit for a day or so to see if spam arrives), and if it is, that's the bounce point I'll use. I'll reconfig it as a forwarder, change all the accounts I use to use that account, and if my Yahoo account busts, I convert the forwarder into a mailbox and the mail keeps flowing.

Yahoo Mail is basically my last hurrah for webmail, because if it breaks I'm done with all webmail at that point. I've been screwed by Hotmail, screwed by Gmail and if I get screwed by Yahoo Mail, that's it. No more webmail.

Will attempt to use my Facebook "email" account

I have Facebook "email" address but at this point still haven't figured out how the frickin' thing works. I'm not going to switch to that as my primary, but I at least want it to, y'know, work? Once figured out I'll write up a bloggo either here or as a work article.


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