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I have been running the A/C all day.. wow.. so wonderful. Now I know what the good life feels like, haHA! Seriously, wow can I breathe so much easier. I live in a higher elevation than most people, so the air is a bit thin to begin with. With the tiny little A/C unit, it has made all the difference. I just felt such a sense of joy by having a nice cooled environment. Oh, and for extra perks, my laptop loves the cold and has been running faster than usual, I notice. Actually, all computers love cold. Computers of any/all types generate a lot of heat, especially modern ones.. but my laptop is as cool as a cucumber.

This is totally going to be worth the extra 15 bucks I'll spend on the electric bill. I think it's going to be 15 bucks.. not sure. 15 is probably more than what the additional cost actually will be. Whatever it is, I'm a happy guy for sure!

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