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debby downer


For the past several days, Tropical Storm Debby has basically been making life suck in Florida. At the moment, everything seems to have calmed down, but it did wreak havoc in several parts of Tampa Bay.

Something like 4,000 people lost power, there was 1 recorded death, the Howard Frankland Bridge was closed temporarily (and I think the northbound side is still closed as I write this), wind kicked up everywhere causing a few tornados, several places got flooded out including a few apartment buildings and some retirement homes, and, well.. things just sucked.

For those wondering, no I was not in the thick of any of this. Okay, technically that's not true. I was, yet I wasn't. Yeah, it rained here. And rained. And rained. And rained some more. And there was a ton of wind, but I wasn't around any flooding and didn't lose power or anything like that. Basically, it was just really wet and windy for like 3 days straight.

Right now where I am it's really wet outside but not raining. There will be some spotty rain tonight but I'm on the very outer perimeter of where Debby is right now. She's slowly.. ever so frickin' slowly.. moving north, and the storm is supposed to clear out by Wednesday.

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