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Location: Inverness, Florida
Time: Noon
Temperature: 72° F and rainy

I'm sitting outside at my Pop's place in a screened-in porch. There's a moderate rainfall happening at the moment. It's kind of neat that I can be outside (sort of) in a t-shirt, in the rain (again, sort of), and be using a laptop connected to the 'net at the same time. And it's Christmas Eve on top of all that.


It would seem that both here and where I used to live in Dayville is going to (most likely) have drizzly rain for today and Christmas Day. Whenever it rained during Christmas season and people complained about it back where I used to live, I would always respond with It's better than snow, because generally speaking, one inch of rain = one foot of snow. Think about that for a second. (grin)

Tomorrow in Tampa there will be thunderstorms abound - maybe. There's some activity going on in the Gulf right now which may head east towards the Tampa Bay area - or maybe not. It's too soon to tell at this point.

Even if there is some rain coming, that's perfectly okay. I can deal with warm rain. 🙂

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