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floridians, you have no idea how good you have it

An easy way to distinguish the transplants (of which I am one) from the natives here in Tampa Bay is anybody under the age of 60 who complains when it gets "cold" here. I say 60 because at that age the blood thins out for a bunch of that lot and I put cold in quotes because cold in Florida, simply put, is not cold.

Last week and this week the region has been "suffering" from a cold snap. And the people I encounter who complain about it are the natives, because after all, they have absolutely no clue what real cold is. As a man with several decades of New Englander living behind him, yes, I know what true cold is like.

This morning it was in the mid-30s outside and I hopped in the truck to go get some breakfast. I experienced something that I haven't felt in a good long time - teeth chatter. I sat in the truck and waited for the engine to warm up. When it did, the heat started coming out of the vents, then off I went to get my grub.

I was actually glad I experienced the chatter because I haven't in a good long time. It is a reminder to me how good it is to be down here. At the tail of this week the cold snap will be gone and the days will have routine lows of upper 40s and highs of low-to-mid 70s.

See, the deal in Florida is that when a cold snap happens, it's only for a few days. It isn't one of those things when the cold comes in and stays cold for months on end.

Florida natives typically FREAK OUT when it gets anywhere below 50°. Funny? Yes.

Bear in mind I hate cold weather, but if it's mid-40s outside, I'm sorry but that's not cold. I mean, geez, I remember walking around with friends outside in low-30s weather and that was completely normal for this time of year in the north. Most people including myself didn't even wear snow jackets.

It'll be nice when the warm weather comes back at the end of the week. I can put the coat back in the closet, and the natives will shaddup about how "cold" it is. 🙂

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